Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Las Vegas :: Viva

  2. Linus :: Snoopy

  3. Struck :: off

  4. Movie :: film

  5. Anxious :: me

  6. Bandit :: outlaw

  7. Picks :: plectrums

  8. Lasso :: noose

  9. Dinner :: food

  10. Bargain :: basement

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Shirl said...

close! and what are plectrums? and . . . it wasn't that group in flickr. It was the coolest damn cool something something group. Your invite came on the deer picture. too funny!!!! You're a dear for trying!

Janet said...

two this week; the reason i put earring on picks was I saw earrings made out of guitar picks tonight!

Julie said...

Sorry Shirl. :(

Pick earrings - cool!

Shirl said...

I'm in!!! thank you for keeping on trying. I think other groups have had trouble with multi-administrators where some numnum makes the group private. Thanks again!