Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back from the beach....

Unfortunately. I could live down there quite easily.
After work on Sunday I went to Laurie's b'day bash at the Tav. They'd all been at it since noon and were a tad pissed. I wasn't and they were irritating me. Funny how drunks are fine when you're one yourself but when you're sober they become intensely annoying. Anyway, I thought "Bugger this, I'm going back to the Island." So I did. Raced the sun all the way there and arrived in time for lots of sunset shots. Some worked, some didn't.

Another Woolomai sunset

Monday started with the usual walk along the beach. Then it was time to pack up and clean the house. Then fish and chips on the beach. Then home.
Yesterday was just a lazy day at home but did bring another spectacular sky.

Last night's sky

Today - back to work :(


Janet said...

wow! wowwowwow! Those shots are great! I'm very partial to the first, but the face in the sky in the second is way cool!

Julie said...

Eeek! I can't see a face.

The Land of Rozz said...

Cool idea for Thursday Thirteen!