Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt

This week's theme is "old-fashioned".
Here's an old-fashioned instrument, a cello; Puffing Billy, an old-fashioned steam train; an old-fashioned bookshop; and old-fashioned air-conditioner.

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Barbara H. said...

Great choices for today! I'd love to take a ride on a train like that.

Carlota said...

wow- great photos for the theme this week. happy weekend. come and check out my entry. Photo-Hunt-Old-Fashioned

TiOheM said...

Nice entries for the theme. Enjoy your weekend.

Maribeth said...

Great choices for your photos. Had to giggle at the fan!

Janet said...

that bridge the train is going over gives me the willies!

Do you have to catalogue all those books?

Julie said...

Thanks all :)
I put the fan there for that very purpose Maribeth :)
Well Janet, we all need some willie in our lives.
Yes. It's a job that'll never be finished in my lifetime.

Shirl said...

Great selection, missie Roo!