Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 3

Yesterday wasn't too bad. After work I went straight out to Ma'n'Pas's for family dinner. Driving was a bit hairy I must admit. I don't think I'd ever really thought about how much I smoke while driving. I had to force myself to concentrate on the road yesterday. It was quite unnerving in an odd sort of way. I felt a bit like I was driving in a fog. I'm hoping it won't stay like that.
Anyway, dinner was pleasant as always. Denise and Rosie liked their pressies - I'd printed and framed a couple of sunset shot for each of them. Well, they said they liked them anyway. I had two cigarettes after dinner - roll-your-owns that I scabbed from James. So that was it for the day, just 2 rollies. I can live with that at this stage. Driving home wasn't nice. The brain fog was still there and it was dark too!

Today has started badly though. I woke earlier than I needed to so just rolled over and went back to sleep. But then I had THE WORST nightmare ever. It was horrible - all about my car and people I know. One of those really realistic dreams. Just on a sidenote: If I dream later in the morning, after sunrise, I always remember them and they're always in colour.
Anyway, when I woke again I fully expected to be able to feel the tears on my face. Ken was on the back verandah so I had one of his ciggies. Now I feel bad 'cos the day hasn't started well at all. Which means, of course, that it can only get better. Let's be positive here Jules!
Anyway, it's 11am already and I've done nothing yet. Haven't even taken my Phone photo yet! So that's Job 1. Job 2 should be to clear this desk. Job 3 should be to make a dint in some of the boxes of books that have accumulated on the floor over the last couple of days. I think I'm dreaming about that one!
So I'm off now - coffee and a Phone photo, then I'll probably get stuck in Flickr for a while :)

PS. Did I mention the headache? And the neck and shoulders made of concrete? I'm hoping they'll go away soonish.

PPS. I just went to the supermarket to get some more gum. They keep it in the same place as the cigarettes. That's so inconsiderate! I just bought the gum though!!

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Janet said...

I bet the tobacco companies pay BIG MONEY to the stores to stock their product near the gum. Bastards.

Well, at least you can concentrate on the road instead of lighting a cig lol!

How's the headache and upper back? Any better?

You're doing great!