Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day ?

Just realised I haven't been keeping count of the days. Probably doesn't matter 'cos so few of them have been completely smoke free. *sigh*
Haven't had one since that one at the party on Saturday night.
I went to bed early last night to watch the cricket on TV. No-one else was home so I figured I might as well be comfortable. It was a hot night so I just lay there with the fan blowing and watched Australia defeat India in a one-day game. Not very exciting. Anyway, I woke up later, about 1:30am I think. Could not get back to sleep. Normally, in those situations I'd have a smoke and go back to sleep. I ended up pacing the room for about 20 minutes. Read for a bit but that didn't work. McCullough requires a bit more concentration than half asleep grumpiness.
I must have fallen asleep eventually though. Otherwise I wouldn't have woken up again this morning.
Feel a bit blah today. Not having much success getting motivated to do anything constructive so far. Job 1 is to turn the fridge off so it can defrost.

Time to defrost do you think?

Job 2 is to sort through the 4 (four!!) huge boxes of books that came in yesterday to see if there's anything in them worth paying for. One is full of Agatha Christie books so that's a keeper.

Job 3 is to deal with the day in some sort of acceptable manner. I think Laurie's organised people to come over for a bbq tonight. *sigh* more smokers.

I really think the hermit option is becoming more and more the only option.


Shirl said...

you can do it . . . and i'm not sure hermitship quite becomes you.

Does the family smoke?

Janet said...

The days might not have been completely smoke free, but you've cut down A LOT and that's what counts.

"I must have fallen asleep eventually though. Otherwise I wouldn't have woken up again this morning." - snort!

That frost in your freezer looks like a towel!