Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where to go next??

Man and boy., originally uploaded by jsarcadia.

I think I've finished uploading pics from the William Ricketts Sanctuary up in the hills. I've got plenty more but enough is enough. More than enough probably.
Day off tomorrow but I have an appointment at 2 so that cuts down photo trips a bit severely.
I keep thinking I should get up early and go up the mountain for some sunrise shots. But, you know, I'm old and my bed is comfy.

I really have nothing of any interest to write about. I'm just doing this to keep my fingers busy. And just at this moment they need to be busy.

I need to go get some more gum. I noticed the other day that they have lozenges too. I might try them as, with the chewie, I keep biting the inside of my cheek. That hurts.

Rivetting stuff huh?


Janet said...

"But, you know, I'm old and my bed is comfy." - totally sounds like something I'd say ;-)

Cheer up, bucko!

Julie said...

I'm reasonably cheery I think.
Actually, no I'm not. I'll just pretend.