Monday, February 18, 2008

Last night.....

So I went to A & C's birthday bash, dressed as a chili (it was a Mexican theme party). Actually I had a red plastic poncho style raincoat on. It has the education union logo across the front but I covered that with a bit of paper with "jalapeno" written on it. I only wore it for about three minutes 'cos it got a bit hot inside the plastic. A was all dressed up as a flamenco dancer - Spanish rather than Mexican I know, but she looked stunning!
All the food was Mexican, yum! Sylvia made a chili con carne which was tasty but HOT! She doesn't eat it and didn't know how much chili to put in it. Half a packet of dried chili flakes and seeds. Bloody hell!
I had one cigarette - one of Syl's menthols after I'd eaten the chili. I was tempted a few times but only gave in the once. I didn't drink too much so that helped I think.
I think the temptation came more from wanting something to do with myself rather than actually wanting to smoke as such. There were a lot of people there that I didn't know - A's teaching work mostly. And of course, the people I did know are smokers. I need new friends!!
A's mum was there, an old friend from years ago - she lives up in central Victoria these days so I don't see much of her. She's a recovering alcoholic, been dry for 8 weeks now. That is a huge, and I mean HUGE effort on her part. I think the doc told her to quit drinking or die in a hurry. So she quit. I'm impressed. Inspired even.
If J can give up the booze then I can certainly give up the smokes.


Janet said...

It's nice to have a role model :-)

You're doing so good!

Julie said...

She smokes though.

Shirl said...

one addiction at a time, they say . . . good for you!! I am impressed. very