Sunday, February 17, 2008

This guy, however, is not free.

Yet another possum trapped in the house over night. They just won't learn, keep coming inside. It'll be released somewhere a fair distance from home. It has to be far enough away that they can't find their way back because if they can, they will.
They may look cute but they're a mighty pest. They jump from the trees onto the roof and then run around looking for the way in. Sound like a herd of bloody elephants. A large herd of large elephants. Often they'll take up residence inside the walls. Then you can hear them, scratching away. I hear them every night outside my bedroom. If you've never heard a possum before it's the scariest sound.

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Janet said...

dude, your possums are SO much cuter than ours!

Sujaco said...

shudder.....How can you sleep with one of them scratching in the walls? Glad you are choosing the humane approach. =)

Shirl said...

they are cuter than ours. Hmmm.

are you in the country too?