Friday, February 29, 2008

Last night....

My brother's birthday, so we all went to a little Italian restaurant/pizza joint near their place. Good food and plenty of it. I decided to have pizza and have the half I didn't eat in the fridge here for lunch :)
It was a bloody noisy place though - one of those places where the sound just bounces off the walls, getting louder and louder. I really don't like that. It really gets to me after a while. So I stood up and said "I'm going outside for a smoke." Outside I went. Peace and quiet. Georgia came charging out, "What are you doing!?" "Having a smoke" I said and popped a piece of gum into my mouth.
I just had to escape the noise.
After dinner we went back to Pete and Denise's for coffee and cake.


Janet said...

Georgia is supporting you?!? Give that girl a hug for me!!!

I know how that is tho...after a bit, I can't stand the noise!

Shirl said...

oh Georgia, good for you!

We do that at work sometimes, say we're going for a smoke so we can go stand out on the smoking deck for a bit. Good break.