Thursday, February 28, 2008


Clare has started her new uni course in the city. She doesn't finish till 9pm on Tuesdays so I've agreed to pick up Georgia from her school and babysit her till her mum gets home. (which was about 10:30 last night.)
We went for a stroll along the river, cameras at the ready. I tried to teach George about long exposure and stuff like that. I haven't seen her pics, apart from on the cameras display, so don't know how successful the session was.

Georgia discovers the joys of a tripod and remote shutter release.

We did see a clutch (is that the right word?) of the cutest baby ducks swimming about at one stage. Very cute! They took off down the river and obviously didn't have the power to stop themselves against the current. Some of the adult ducks formed a sort of line and stopped them going too far. Kind of herded them off to where they were meant to be. Sweet.

I think we'll be safe here.

I took heaps of river shots which will no doubt end up on Flickr over the next few days.

It's an hour's drive from here to Warburton. That's the longest smoke-free drive I've done so far. Wasn't so bad on the way out there because of the stop to pick up George and then having her to chat to. The drive home was a nightmare. It was well after 11pm by the time I left their place. Long and dark. Thank goodness for Led Zeppelin CDs!
(Note to self: Must wash car - the windscreen is filthy. Made it hard to see with oncoming headlights shining at me. Of course, due to water restrictions, cars can only be washed at a commercial car wash that uses recycled water.)

Another night out tonight too. My brother, Peter's birthday today. 51 he is. Gawd, we're all getting old. Paula will be 50 next year too. That'll just leave Clare yet to reach the half century.

Speaking of old - poor old Tash. She was really wheezing and pottering about even slower than usual last night. Made me a bit teary watching her.


Janet said...

awww, how cute about the baby ducks!

Your brother is my age ;-)

I know how you feel about Tash...

Julie said...

I was going to add a pic of her but got all teared up just looking at them.
Didn't add a pic of Pete cos he's even less photogenic than me, if such a thing is possible.

Shirl said...

awww. Poor Tash. I hear you about taking her picture. So hard.

Hang in there, girl. Drink Diet Pepsi on those long dark nights!

Julie said...

diet pepsi? I don't drink any diet drinks - nasty things in them. Water will do fine if I'm not having a real drink.