Thursday, March 06, 2008

About wagons and falling off...

Didn't just fall off, completely disgraced myself. Not just one or two but a whole fucking packet.
Almost a whole packet - what was left went in the bin this morning.
Ha, I nearly, nearly, nearly went and retrieved them when I found I had no internet today. Finally got email this afternoon and then the rest started working at about 2:30. No blog, no Flickr. Oh yeah, couldn't do any updates for work either.
Anyway, I've hauled myself back on to the wagon today. Feel like shit of course. My own fault.
I just can't be trusted out alone!

Here's a reject Phone shot just to change the subject. Mum's flowers of course.

Smelling the roses


Maribeth said...

Okay, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say "I'm sure not gonna do that again" and be done with this lapse!
I know you can do it!

Janet said...

See where I get it from, Jules? It runs in the family!

Janet said...

oh and by the way, I lOVE that picture! It looks like phone is being cradled with love!

Julie said...

Hehe, it all becomes clear.

Sujaco said...

Ahh, don't be so tough on yourself. I read once that people who have success with quitting smoking go through an average of quitting 10 times before they finally stop smoking for good. So you smoked a few... you've stopped now, right? Be here now. And at this moment you are not smoking.

Shirl said...

You're doing fine. On to a new day!!

well, as I'm late, I guess it probably IS two new days!