Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bad enough not smoking

But running out of coffee as well is just too much to cope with. And, of course, the express lane at the supermarket goes right past the cigarette display. It's a conspiracy. I just bought the coffee though.
This particular coffee is my current favourite. Organic and fair trade. Tastes mighty fine too. Can't go wrong.

Bad enough not smoking, originally uploaded by jsarcadia.


Maribeth said...

Just had to quit regular coffee and go to decaff. (Hubby's high blood pressure.) All I can say is that it can be done! Although I do miss my deep, dark, rich, mocha java!

Janet said...

see, this is why MY marriage didn't work out. Notice my cousin said it was hubby's HBP, NOT hers, yet, she's the one drinking decaf. So good!

I share a coffee maker at work with the guy in the office across the hall from me. He drinks that dark stuff. Me? Well, my current favorite is Golden French Toast. Yummy maple-y flavor! It is fair trade, tho :-)