Thursday, May 08, 2008

Looking for that extra special flavour?

Bleed into your food.
I was using the very sharp kitchen knife to slice open a packet of shredded Mozzarella to put in the veggie lasagne. The knife went flying right through the packet and right through my finger as well. Well, not right through, just half way through. Ouchies! Mucho blood. After much sucking of blood the gauze and tape were found and the finger bandaged up. Then off to the hospital. Three hours I was there. By the time a doctor got around to looking at it the wound had started to close up (thanks to Sylvia for bandaging it properly!!) so stitches were not required, fortunately. So they cleaned it up, put some sterile strips over it and bandaged it up.
So now I have this whopping great bandage for people to stare at. Much nuisance value in not being able to use the index finger - just as well it's my left hand or it'd be even worse. Now I have to shower with a plastic bag taped around my hand. No doing the dishes for a week (or year) either - so maybe not that much of a nuisance :)
A bit hurties today but I think I'll survive.


Maribeth said...

Ouch! Feel better!

Shirl said...

oh oh oh oh oh!!! I'm so sorry! Your poor hand!!!

Janet said...

You're like Harry Potter, bleeding into the cauldron and bringing back Voldemort!

Literary Feline said...

I'm glad you didn't need stitches. It's bad enough as it is, I'm sure! It's nice to see that you are looking on the bright side--no dishwashing for awhile. :-)