Sunday, December 14, 2008

The man has a charmed life.

Every time Bret Michaels thinks of Reno, he remembers what he calls the "Jimmy Page Debacle." It took place at the Lawlor Events Center on the campus of the University of Nevada, and Michaels and his band Poison were in a particularly celebratory mood.
It was lead guitarist C.C. DeVille's birthday.
"Jimmy Page came onstage with me," says Michaels, "and I had always been a Zeppelin freak. The place went insane. I was unbelievably excited, getting to play rock 'n' roll with Page. And on top of that, he was going to play my brand-new Les Paul (Gibson guitar). It was the greatest day of my life."
But Page, the legendary lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin, had not been warned of the pyro pit. Poison concerts included huge pyro shows and "there were these huge holes on stage to hold the fireworks. Page began moving toward one and it was like one of those scenes in a movie with the character going slow motion to try to stop a disaster. 'Nooooooo,' I was yelling, but he went down, luckily not landing on the fireworks, luckily not injuring himself, even though he fell 6 to 8 feet. My Les Paul snapped in half, but he got back up and continued to play with us."

seen here

And what was he doing playing with Poison?????

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Janet said...

GOOD LORD, that man has an angel on his shoulder!!!