Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miniature wardrobe

Janet requested a pic of my miniature wardrobe. So here it is. Next to a DVD cover for scale.


Inside the wardrobe I found this pic of my Puss (the black cat). She was my best friend for 16 years. Here she's with her son, Hyde (Hidey-ho). Both her sons, Hyde and Jeckyll (who was black and white), were killed on the road in their second year. So sad.
Puss turned up on our doorstep one day - that'd be when I was living with the G-Man years ago. A stray. Feral. A tiny wee kitten. I started to feed her but she would never come inside. Then, one day she had two even smaller kittens with her. Still wouldn't come inside. There was another huge feral cat that had kittens under the tractor. That cat disappeared and so Puss adopted the kittens.
Then one day she just marched into the house, six kittens in tow.
And promptly took over the house.
The best friend I ever had and I still miss her every day.

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Shadow said...

beautiful woodwork. and adorable kitty tale.

Susan said...

Sweet dears and you tell Puss' story beautifully.

Shirl said...

love the wardrobe, and I remember Puss stories from years ago. *sigh* They're small, but they take such a big part of our hearts!

Mary said...

what a great story.. is Puss the kitty that was buried in your Zep t-shirt? She must have been so special..

Janet said...

Oh, isn't she just so sweet! I'm sorry she's gone...I wish our pets would last as long as we do.