Saturday, February 21, 2009

It never ends

Fire authorities are warning of dangerous fire conditions in Victoria on Monday.
Temperatures in the 30s, northerly winds and a late change are expected.
The Department of Sustainability and Environment and CFA are particularly concerned about the Warburton Valley, east of Melbourne.
They say residents in the valley are most at risk after the wind change due late in the afternoon on Monday and should have their fire plans ready.
ABC News
That's Clare's place.

And, I just found out, my best friend's daughter's boyfriend was killed today in a diving accident.



Mary said...

I wish I had just the right comforting thing to say.. thoughts and prayers and all things good being sent your way.

Janet said...

Oh, Julie, I'm so sorry :-(

Kwizgiver said...

Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

Shirl said...

oh wow. you do seem to be stuck in one of those horrible cycles. {{{hugs}}}