Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Safe and sound

For the moment.
Yesterday's threat came and went without causing any more damage in the Valley. There was, however, another fire which started in Upwey and Belgrave, in the Dandenongs, which destroyed one house and caused a fair amount of panic. James and Rosie left their house, as it's quite close to Belgrave, and spent the night at his parents' (ie., Paula and Phil). They're able to go home today though as it's all under control now.
Clare is also going home to Warburton today. The fires up that way are staying within containment lines and the wind is posing no threat now. There is another threat warning out for Friday (it really does never end!) and she'll go back to Mum's then. The main problem is, if it's hot and windy, flying embers start spot fires outside the containment lines - it's the fear that these will spread and cause further havoc that keeps everyone on edge. The terrain makes it very difficult for firefighters to reach these outbreaks easily. The fire at Wilson's Prom, for example, is largely being left to burn itself out as, apart from aerial water bombing, they just can't get in there to fight it on the ground. (That fire is down on the coast and no threat to us up here.)
At this stage things seem to be quite calm so here's hoping they stay that way.

My main worry now is Mum. The stress of it all is really getting to her and she's not coping with that very well at all. She's extremely fragile at the moment.

I wish it would rain.

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