Friday, February 22, 2008

Yesterday and today, a tale of two moods.

Yesterday I was pretty miserable, questioning my resolve and all that. I was beginning to think I wasn't capable of carrying this thing through. But, a little chat with Madame Snape and things have changed around again. Today I feel much more positive and on top of things again. Thanks bud. :)

Of course, today has started badly. The bank's been on the phone - not enough money in the account to cover the rent cheque. *sigh* So I had to run (figuratively) down there and deposit most of the cash sitting in the till (cash register) to appease the financial masters. I just hope the first customers don't have big bills 'cos I won't be able to change them.
Customers? Ha. Seems the majority of people who wander in these days want to sell their books, not buy mine. *bigger sigh*
Speaking of books, Phone today is basking in the light of THE BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN. And that's the truth.

Authors A-Z: JRR Tolkien - Phone's favourite books of all time.


Maribeth said...

You can do this! It's th emost important thing you will ever do for you!
My Dad is in the hospital again. He has COPD from all his years of smoking. He is literally drowning in his own lungs. he could have had a decent retirement, but he can't even be without oxygen now. It's really no life at all.
You can do this!! You can!!!

Julie said...

Yes I can.

Janet said...

I could tell you that's how my Mom died...from her COPD...she used to sneak cigs with my Uncle Jim, Maribeth's Dad...but instead, I'll say that Phone is in some DAMN good company! Love the covers, haven't seen those in awhile :-) And I'm glad you're feeling better! Thanks for the rose!