Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random stuff

Dad's birthday last Saturday, his 80th. Huge family dinner to celebrate.

Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen - strong environmental message in a story populated by crazies from start to finish. Recommended.

Saints are 16 - 0 and 2 games clear at the top of the ladder. Unbelievable year. :)

Tash the Wonder Dog is starting to decline a bit. :(

The weather is starting to improve but still too cold for my liking.

I need a new 30 day photography challenge as I'm a bit bored with Flickr at the moment.

The Training and Assessment course I'm doing is barrelling along nicely. Sure hope it helps me get a job 'cos being out of work sucks big time. Soul destroying it is.

It's time for a glass of red..... cheers!


Janet said...

nonono Tash!

Mary said...

So sorry to hear that Tash is declining.. give her a pat from Kansas ..
and super news about The Saints. My pre-season starts next month! Wheee!